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America's Stonehenge DVD Mystery Hill North Salem NH

America’s Stonehenge
The History of a Sacred Placed

Film by James Gage
Research Consultant Mary Gage

This film reconstructs the 2500 year cultural history of the America’s Stonehenge archaeological site located in North Salem, NH. The complex of stone chambers, standing stones, niches, and other stone structures at the site served as an important spiritual and ritual center for a group of ancient Native American people. For the Native Americans this place was sacred. Construction of this ritual complex began over 3,000 years ago and evolved through five major periods of construction and change until its final closure with the arrival of European colonists. The Native Americans left an extraordinary archaeological record of their ritual activities and spiritual beliefs. Author and independent researcher, Mary Gage has meticulously researched this site for many years and has successfully reconstructed its cultural history. This film is based upon her book, America’s Stonehenge Deciphered (Powwow River Books, 2006).

DVD-R, Color, 40 Minutes, NTSC

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What is America’s Stonehenge?

Built on the exposed bedrock summit of Mystery Hill in North Salem, New Hampshire is a complex of stone chambers, standing stones, carved drains, and other types of stone structures. The site covers appromixately 100 acres but is best known for its main complex on the top of the hill which covers about 1 acre (shown in photo). C-14 dates found in association with Native American quarry tools have established that the site began construction nearly 3,000 years ago. Over the next 2500 years Native Americans came to the site on yearly basis to celebrate various ceremonies on the Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, and later in the site’s history the Spring Equinox.

America’s Stonehenge site is located in Salem, NH. It is open daily for self-guided tours. For directions, admission fees, and hours please visit

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