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Guide to New England Stone Structures ISBN 0971791031

Booklet, 36 pp. 73 Illus.
ISBN 0-9717910-3-1
Price $3.95

A Guide to New England Stone Structures

By Mary Gage & James Gage

A Guide to New England Stone Structures is a basic introductory field guide to identifying the many different types of stone structures found while hiking through the forest and conservation lands in New England. (For more indepth information please see A Handbook to Stone Structures of Northeastern United States.)

This guide covers:

Historic Structures: Foundations, Wells & Well Caps, Farm Roads, Culverts, Mill Dams, Field Clearing Piles, Walll Building Piles, Stone Walls, State & Town Boundaries.

Native American Structures: Stone Cairns, Stone Walls, Enclosures, Chambers, Pedestal Boulders, Niches, Standing Stones, Manitou Stones.

Stone Quarrying: Field Boulder Quarries, Surface Ledge Quarries, Hand Quarrying Tools, Round Hole Quarry Marks, Flat Wedge Quarry Marks, Triangular Hole

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