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A niche is a small recessed space. They can be built into existing structures like chambers, or, they can be a free-standing structure. Niches come in two styles see-through and boxed-in. See-through as the name implies is open from side to side. Boxed-in niches are box like features with an open front. Niches were built by Native Americans.

Two views of a free standing see-through niche.
(Byfield, MA)

Two different tilt roof style see-through niches.
(Mystery Hill, North Salem, NH

This see-through niche is carefully hidden on a rock strewn hillside. The niche’s capstone is arranged to appear like just another stone on the slope.

(Mystery Hill, North Salem, NH)

This is a man-made boxed-in niche. It was found in the middle an area being quarried by Native Americans for large pieces of quartz.

(Mystery Hill, North Salem, NH)

A ground level boxed-in niche built into a stone wall.

(Mystery Hill, North Salem, NH)

Careful examination of this photo reveals a small boxed-in niche located just to the left of the entrance of this stone chamber.

(Mystery Hill, North Salem, NH)

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